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B-Movies of our Youth: Bloodfist V: Human Target (1994)

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Movie Name: Bloodfist V: Human Target

Director: Jeff Yonis

Producer: New Concorde

Actors: Don Wilson, Denice Duff and Steve James

Release Date: January 19th, 1994


Alright we are at Bloodfist 5. I will be honest, after watching the first 4, these are starting to look worse and worse. However, I am a sucker for bad martial arts movies from the 90's.

Unlike the previous instalments, I was not able to watch this sequel on Prime Video. I watched this on YouTube.

Let us see what this movie has in store.


This time around, Don "The Dragon" Wilson plays as Jim Stanton. The opening scene is Stanton running away from some criminals. He eventually gets shot and is left for dead.

Unfortunately, he wakes up some time later in a hospital with no memory of who he is and how he got there.

There is someone that comes by pretending to be his wife and is ready to pick him up from the hospital to take him home. But as you would expect, nothing is as it seems. The goons that tried to kill him earlier are on a vendetta to get him killed.

He eventually learns that he was not a criminal but an undercover cop who was trying to get to the head of the criminal organization.

With the help from the Police he is able to obtain cash to get the nukes. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned. The lady in this movie Candy / Michelle (played by Denise Duff) gets kidnapped. Stanton does get away with the nukes and the money after the bar they were at was shot up.

Then it is a matter of saving the girl who is being tortured with acupuncture. Once she is saved, it is divulged, she is not who she says she is.

At this point both the asians and the secret agents are after the Plutonium. Of course only Stanton can make the right choice and save the day!


Alright, so until now, you will probably know what I will say about this one. This is full of 90's cheese!!!

The acting in this instalment is very robotic. I think Don "The Dragon" Wilson, stopped caring after the second sequel. His acting is on par with some Jean-Claude Van Damme classics.

I think in general the idea of the movie is ok, but the execution is not very well done. I think with a bigger budget they could have done so much better.

The fighting scenes look very choreographed and unnatural. It is as if they took one shot and said that is it, instead of making it as perfect as possible.

This movie one of the most used scenarios in the history of action movies. Have a guy with a gun, have a bunch of people shoot at him with machine guns. However, they all miss the mark and the guy with the one gun shoots everyone dead. Every time I see these scenes I think of Jean-Claude Van Damme's Hard Target. Another review for another time.

Is it an enjoyable movie? I will be honest, I personally got disinterested in this one. It had some decent action sequences but the story just did not keep my attention. Not sure, if this is just me or a general consensus.

All that to say, other than the fight scenes, there is not much here in terms of story. May be it is because I have watched all 8 movies in a row and I am less enthusiastic. However, if I would rank this one, I would say it would be 4th in my list. Bloodfist III is still the best entry so far in the series.

What do you think? Am I off the mark? I am curious to hear from you.

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