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The Terminator Movies Ranked- Part 1

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

James Cameron created an incredible sci-fi franchise with his 1984 cult classic The Terminator. Over the years the franchise went on to release some good and some questionable installments.

Now with the recent news of a new Terminator film coming being released , the Aroundtable has decided to rank all the Terminator films.

We would love for you to share your rankings of this film series with us.

1. The Terminator(1984)

I am going against the grain, the first film is incredible.The film was made on shoe string budget (granted the FXs are dated), but Terminator still entertains today.The action is relentless and brutal.

Arnold's muscular stature was so out of the norm for that time and he did come off as out of this world or larger than life. He looked indestructible in the film. The fact that Schwarzenegger didn't speak much added to his cold look, which totally convinced movie goers that Arnie was an unfeeling, calculated killing machine.

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