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Star Trek: Discovery- Stop the Hate

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Love or hate it, as of right now Discovery is the only new product in the Star Ttek franchise.

Since the show's inception, Discovery has been getting a lot of hate.

Considering that Star Trek was about tolerance, acceptance comradery, it looks like a lot of so called fans have lost sight of Trek's message.

Fans have been voicing their opinion on ending Discovery in favor of creating spin off series for Captain Pike and Spock and other characters from the original show.

It's interesting that the fans chose only the Pike and Spock for spin off series.

It got me thinking , are these so called fans clinging on to nostalgia rather than impartially watching the show?

Now, I know Discovery's first season wasnt perfect but in all honesty, was there ever a Trek series that waa really perfect from the beginning?

You can dislike Discovery all you want but give it an honest chance.

If we want to explore new life and new civilizations and go where no man has gone before, then we need to accept these new characters in our lives and we need to remove the restraints of our nostalgia .

I love Kirk, Spock and the crew of the Enterprise but we cannot limit the Trek lore to only these charcaters. I think Trek would be a little boring if we solely followed the adventures of Kirk and the rest of the starship Enterprise.

So instead of bashing the show, maybe show some support. I want the Trek franchise to continue to boldly go, no matter the format.

Remember how sad you all were when the Star Trek feature film Nemesis tanked and Enterprise got camcelled. That can easily happen again. As fast as the Powers can Be can put out product, they can take it away.

So, let's follow the the prime directive and stop interfering with the natural development of Star Trek. Just enjoy the show that we have been given. If Discovery becomes successful then the possibilities are endless to where the creators can take the franchise. That kind of support could get the next classic Trek series developed.

Supporting Discovery is a risk I am willing to take in order to keep the Star Trek franchise running so that my child can get the same enjoyment as I have.

If you think I'm totally off base, remember the immortal words of Captain James T. Kirk; " Risk. Risk is our business" and that’s what getting on board Star Trek is all about.

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