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Under The Radar: James Bond, Quantum of Solace (2008)

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

There was a time when 007 was the action franchise that all others were measured against. You had a calm and cool spy who traveled the globe in order to stop the bad guys. The franchise had exotic locations, breath-taking action sequences and of course, who could forget those femme fatales known as the iconic Bond girls.

Over the 5 decades however, the formula got a little outdated. Then Daniel Craig came in and revitalized the franchise by resetting 007s license to thrill.

Casino Royale was the best bond film in decades. It looked like Bond was back!

Unfortunately Quantum of Solace didn't resonate with the fan base and Craig's tenure as Bond has been in flux ever since. Its too bad, Quantum is truly an under appreciated film.

This is what I enjoyed about Quantum. Previously, the Bond films have been a series, but this is an actual sequel – an approach Ian Fleming used in his books, but which was dropped from the movies because the novels were filmed out of order.

Quantum picks up right after the events of Casino Royale. That's what really makes Quantum so successful. I thought it was a thrilling move; to finally experience a 007 film in which the psychology of the hero continues from the past episode, where Bond is allowed to grow and respond to past experience it's awesome.

It's my opinion though that due to the lukewarm reception to the film, it really hurt the potential for growth in the franchise.The character study of 007 in the subsequent films have been dropped in favor of flittering themselves with references to previous films and characters; including the return of Q, Moneypenny, Blofeld, SPECTRE, and an inexplicably gadget-laden Aston Martin .

Audiences weren't ready or perhaps not in the know that this new series with Craig would not simply be an action/adventure spectacle but that of a character study on the events that shaped our hero.

It's too bad that Quantum gets a bum rap. The film does have its flaws but it started a truly exciting boundary breaking era of the Bond character. Hopefully, when Daniel Craig's stint as Bond is over, the powers that be can decide to stick to their guns and delve into the character of one cinema's iconic characters.

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