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If It Were Up To Me: Farscape

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

If it were up to me, I would love to see a feature length film on one my favourite and underrated scfi shows, Farscape.

Farscape is about astronaut John Crichton, who gets shot through a worm hole only to find himself whisked away to another galaxy. He quickly leaarns that we aren't alone in the universe and incredible adventures ensue when our hero befriends a group of convicts aboard a living ship called Moya.

The show gets better and better as we see these characters mature and interact with each other. There's a family-like bond that develops over time. As we go through these adventures with Crichton, our understanding of the different nuances going on in this galaxy are cleverly explained by the writers through Crichton's use of pop culture quotes from our world. Such a simple and fun way to allow the audience who to understand the " fish out of water " experience he is going through.

It's been said that director James Gunn also liked the show and actually got Ben Browder, who plays John Crichton, to play a role in the second Guardians of the Galaxy film.

Gunn really pulled off an incredible feat with Guardians. He created a film where each member of this misfit band was given equal attention thus allowing the audience to bond with the team and truly enjoy these characters.

I would love for James Gunn to make a Farscape film. He has the skill to really bring an action filled sci–fi adventure with characters that the audience will root for. But alas will he really be doing any more movies?

In the mean time, go search out Farscape. I think it's a compilation of Buck Rodgers, Star Wars, Star Trek and Lost In Space.... on crack and deserves to become a major motion picture franchise.

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