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Seven to Eternity Vol. 1: The God of Whispers

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Are you looking for a comic that will teleport you to another world? Then look no further than Seven To Eternity (7TE). The team of Rick Remender, Jerome Opeña

, Matt Hollingsworth and Rus Wooton have unleashed a western/sci-fi fantasy adventure that is sure to delight comic fans. Especially those looking for something other than your traditional superhero tale.

7TE is about an evil ruler, The God Of Whispers/The Mud King, who has the power to telepathically link himself to one or more of the millions of people in the land of Zhal. And when they accept to be linked, The Mud King can see and hear everything they do and he uses fear and paranoia to control the inhabitants of Zhal.

Now, there are certain inhabitants that refused the The Mud King’s telepathic link and therefore are not enslaved by the God of Whispers. One such family, the Osidis’, have been labelled as cowards and traitors by the Mud King. In the attack on the Osidis family, Zeb, the head of the family, is killed and It is now up to his son, Adam, to take over as head of the disgraced house. Adam has a choice to make. Either choose to join The Mud King and ensuring his family remains alive and restores their disgraced name but, ultimately, be enslaved; or join a band of rebels that are attempting to free their world from this evil God.

Seven To Eternity deals with Adam’ relationship with his farther and the importance of sticking to ones principles all in a western\sci-fi theme.

I really enjoyed Seven To Eternity, it is beautifully illustrated and the possible storylines seem limitless. My only issue actually, and it is minor, is that the reader is dropped head first into the story and is never really introduced to this strange new world before everything happens, which makes things a bit confusing.

So if you’re looking for something intriguing and complex, with endless possibilities, then look no further than 7TE.

You can purchase Seven To Eternity right here at the Aroundtable store.

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