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BLACK STAR RIDERS: Heavy Fire (2017) -Back With a Vengeance.

The Black Star Riders return with their third album, Heavy Fire. Although it’s available in numerous formats, today I am I reviewing my own 11 track digibook version.

Just some background info for those who may not know; The Black Star Riders were formed in 2012 and made up of members of the most recent line up of Thin Lizzy. The band garnered a whole lot of respect when Lizzy guitarist, Scott Gorham, had the opportunity to record a new album the under the “Thin Lizzy” name. Instead Gorham opted to honour his dearly departed friend, and Lizzy mastermind, Phil Lynott by forming the Black Star Riders.

Not only was I blown away on how this band conducted itself, they have proven to be one of the best rock bands on the planet! The Black Star Riders’ or BSR’s first two albums are simply amazing. They offer rock fans some of the best rock songs in recent memory all while incorporating a heartfelt homage to one of the greatest classic rock bands, Thin Lizzy.

Well, now “the boys are back in town”, ehm, with a vengeance. Their third full length release, Heavy Fire not only rocks hard but the band has managed to revise and update their Thin Lizzy foundation and successfully merge it into their own and very unique style of rock n roll. BSR have created an album that invokes more of a classic rock feel rather than simply recording another modern sounding Thin Lizzy record. With Heavy Fire, BSR will finally be seen as their own entity and not simply as Thin Lizzy 2.0 (not there’s anything wrong with that). In a nutshell the band has finally found their own voice.

Now if you’re worried that the BSR have lost their Thin Lizzy influences with their latest release, don’t be. Heavy Fire still has that Thin Lizzy feel for which we’ve come to love, most notably with the tracks: Dancing With the Wrong Girl and Testify or Say Goodbye because both tracks would fit nicely in a Thin Lizzy playlist. Well, the band has developed so much in five years and their material has grown so strong that the BSR no longer need to rely solely on the Lizzy influences in order to engage the listener.

Heavy Fire is definitely a contender for one of the best rock albums of 2017. There are numerous highlights on this release including the bombastic album opening title track, the catchy as hell, When The Night Comes In, the would be Lizzy classic, Dancing With The Wrong Girl, the kick-ass rocker, Who Rides The Tiger or the pop/ rock, True Blue Kid. Honestly there isn’t really a weak track on the album because the band has found its sound.

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