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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016) -One of these days, Alice...POW! right to the Umbrella Corp

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Who would have thought that Resident Evil would be around for 15 years and spawn five sequels. But here we are with The Final Chapter and Alice (Milla Jovovich) ) has to go back where it all started at the Hive in Raccoon City.

Picking up where Retribution left off, Alice survives the battle in Washington and is found by the Red Queen (the artificial intelligence that runs the Umbrella Corporation). The Red Queen divulges that the Umbrella corporation is gathering up its forces to wipe out the Earth’s last known survivors . Alice must return to the Hive and retrieve a cure called the T- virus, which is capable of ending the zombie plague once and for all.

Resident Evil is one of those guilty pleasers that either you’re on board or you’re not. So leave your brain at the door and take the film for what it is ,Resident Evil 6 is a decent distraction. Honestly I haven’t seen all six films so I can’t tell if it’s the best of the series or not. If you didn’t like this series before I highly doubt The Final Chapter will change your mind.

Will The Final Chapter provide the fan base with an epic conclusion that they are hoping for, I doubt it. I didn’t feel that the ending did anything for me in regards to Alice’s story arc. I like Alice ,I think she is cool, and it’s fun to watch her watch kill zombies, but do I care about her , no. But in my opinion that is because of writer / director Paul W.S. Anderson,who is just like Michael Bay , he simply cannot make an engaging character, but he does make some fun action sequences. Plus any film that ends with “My work isn’t done yet”, you know that this probably won’t be the end of Alice.And that’s really too bad for the fans who have stood by Alice for the last 15 years, they deserve a payoff not a rip off.

So if you know what you’re getting into , then go see Resident Evil 6 on a cheapy night with a couple of friends.

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