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ONE DIRECTION - September 05, 2015. Olympic Stadium, Montreal.

We could feel the crowd's excitement as 8:30 approached... Then though a haze of smoke, 1D arrives on stage with a thundering roar from the audience and the party begins. The screams get louder with every mention of our great city, by any member of the band, but once the music starts all you hear is the audience echo the band’s lyrics with plenty of wailing cries.

All in all, 1D did not disappoint. They seemed to genuinely have fun on stage. Their exhaustion was evident and real, no lip-syncing here. The crowd was speckled with preteens, teens and parents of all ages whereby 90 % of the audience members were female. I mean, the boys are definitely talented, although they aren't my usual cup of tea. And since we had missed their first appearance in Montreal, we couldn't pass up the opportunity this time. We made sure to purchase the tickets at least a year in advance.

Each of the band members contributed equally by engaging the audience at different times so as to allow the others time to prepare for the next song or simply to rest. There was a good balance.

Although the venue wasn’t ideal; the acoustics at the Big O are simply not great; and the scene was quite sparse (no elaborate set design like I was used to seeing from other Pop bands/artists like Demi Lavato, Katy Perry or The Jonas Bros.) the evening played out very well… up and until they played their final song, “Story of My Life”.

It was definitely a great night out with my daughter.

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