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No Second Banana's Here

I think everyone dreams of being a hero at one time in their life. The perks seem to be pretty darn good…fame, fortune, adulation and if you’re really lucky, a love interest. I figure no one really dreams of being a sidekick…until now.

In the early beginnings, I believe sidekicks were nothing more than added comic relief and on occasion, a tool to represent the audience’s voice. However, something changed and the role of the sidekick has been elevated from “second banana” (no, this is not a minion reference) to being an integral part of the hero’s ability to achieve his/her goals. I’m not sure how or why the change took place but am excited by it because it’s given us some very entertaining and interesting hero/sidekick rapport.

So, this being said, I began to look back at some of my favourite shows and movies and tried to come up with who I would choose as my sidekick. Not in any particular order, mind you, just the first few names that came to mind.

Aeryn Sun (Farscape)

Aeryn Sun was born and raised to be a Special Ops commander. Proficient in hand to hand combat, weapons training and tactics. However, once out of the folds of her military unit, she learns the true meaning of loyalty and allegiance. She learns to be compassionate and self-sacrificing for the greater good of her new team!

Chewbacca (Star Wars)

Everybody needs a reliable co-pilot and Chewbacca may arguably be the best co-pilot ever! He has a heart of gold, an amazing sense of loyalty and his physical strength, is second to none. This is one wookie who you'd want by your side when the sh*t hits the fan.

Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy)

His only limitation, his vocabulary is kind of short. Groot is a vital asset in combat; being able to hold his own against multiple assailants. The only thing that out powers Groot’s strength, is his level of selflessness; making him the heart, soul and muscle of the team.

Spock (Star Trek)

Who wouldn’t want a genius with an impeccable sense of logic by their side? He’s cool, calm and collected…a perfect sidekick to have in a volatile situation. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a sidekick that was as level headed as Spock.

Let us know your recommendations on great sidekicks. We’d love to hear from you!

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