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Flashback Review: Road House (1989)

Road House has to be one of the memorable movies of the 1980's. Some say it is the best B movie ever made. At the time, I remember there was a huge cult following of the movie and there still is today.

Road House stars Patrick Swayze, who plays Dalton, the best bouncer that business could buy. He is a gentleman with a degree in Philosophy, but yet a true bad ass when it comes to using his fists. He is hired by the Double Deuce, the loudest and toughest bar in the area, to clean it up so its owner can turn a profit and expand it. However the town is under the grip of a cutthroat bully and local big shot Brad Wesley (Ben Gazzara). Things turn from bad to worse when Dalton is romantically involved with Dr. Clay or Doc (Kelly Lynch) which really makes Brad Wesley furious. Dr. Clay was his old flame and is still is in love with her. The idea of her being with someone else, especially Dalton, made him even more dangerous. In the end, the entire town (local business owners) turn on Brad Wesley and kill him in broad day light in his compound.

This is not the most realistic movie on many fronts. I did some research and this movie is said to be based on an actual case in Missouri where a local bad guy who was hated by everyone was murdered in broad daylight, yet no one saw a thing. I believe this was the basis of this movie, however the plot could of been developed a little more. The names used in the movie sound like they are out of a western (Dalton, Wade Garrett, Doc, Emmet, and Cody), I guess to give the movie a Wild West field to it.

There are quite a few pleasant surprises in this movie. Sam Elliott is one of them, but I always have been a fan of his so I could be bias. The other surprise is a young Jeff Healey; not only did he perform with his band in this movie, but he could definitely act.

Bottom Line

This is just a fun movie to watch. Is it an Academy Award Movie, not at all. However is has a certain charm. I recently re-watched this movie and in my opinion, this is a B movie that aged well. Most B movies look really outdated after 25 years. There are fighting scenes, explosions and everything you need to consider the movie as a 80's action type movie. The plot is not the best, but a good movie if you want to escape for about two hours.

I give it a 8 / 10. Still loving it....

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