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Pacific Rim: Fight! Fight! Fight!

Visionary director, Guillermo del Toro, rediscovers his inner child in this Sci-fi epic, Pacific Rim. The film met with generally negative reviews upon its release in 2013; but I truly enjoyed watching the film again on Blu-ray.

The story is simple, a portal at the bottom of the ocean opens and releases giant monsters called the Kaiju. The Kaiju decimate anything and everything in their path. In a desperate attempt for self-preservation, mankind sets aside their differences, pools all their resources and creates giant robots called Jaegers. These Jaegers are controlled by two pilots who are linked together by a neural bridge.

Admirers of anime or Godzilla movies should really get into Guillermo del Toros’ Pacific Rim. The robots look amazing and the monsters are out of this world. As well, if anyone thought that the battle scenes in the Transformers movies were good, then you really need to watch Pacific Rim. I dare you to not appreciate how jaw-dropping good they are.

Unfortunately, the film does suffer from one major drawback, there is no character development at all and it makes it very hard to root for our heroes. But then again, the stars of this film are the monsters and robots.

Pacific Rim is surely a guilty pleasure for those able to channel their inner 10 year old.

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