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Star Wars: Kanan-The Last Padawan

Marvel and the creative team of Greg Weisman, Pepe Larraz and David Curie bring us the five issue story arc entitled, Kanan: The Last Padawan. The mini–series will supposedly bridge the gap of Kanan’s journey from the tragic events of Order 66 in The Clone Wars to the new Star Wars television series, Rebels. For those not in the know, Order 66 is a direct command from Chancellor Palpatine to the Clones ordering them to execute all Jedi.

In the first issue, we get a glimpse of Kanan’s past as an enthusiastic, inquisitive young Padawan named Caleb Dume during his first campaign on the planet Kaller alongside his master Depa Billaba. The dynamics between Caleb and Depa is explored, displaying a caring and nurturing Master/Padawan relationship. And then, as fast as you can say ‘Use the Force’, the story was over.

In my opinion, this first issue could be Marvel’s first misstep in the Star Wars series. With such a mysterious character like Kanan, Marvel is in a unique position to bring out a fantastic story within the Star Wars Universe that has yet to be explored. Unfortunately, the debut issue seemed to skim over everything thus making for an unsatisfactory read.

Kanan: The Last Padawan, is a decent introduction but wasn’t as gripping as some of Marvel’s other Star Wars series (most notably Darth Vader). Hopefully the series will get better as it moves along. In the meantime we all can enjoy the further advenures of Kanan in Star Wars: Rebels.

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