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2015 Summer Movies

Nothing says Summer like a Hollywood Blockbuster!!! So, which movie should you spend your hard earned money on? Well, we at Aroundtable are putting in our two cents and breaking down summers' biggest movies into three categories .

1.The Guaranteed Hits: (Probably)

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Unless we get teleported to another dimension, Avengers 2 is going to be the king of the summer movies not to mention the box office.

Jurassic World

Can it live up to the original from Steven Spielberg? Who knows, but it does have dinosaurs and most kids love dinosaurs. Jurassic World should be a big hit because of the curiosity factor alone.

Inside Out

Pixar and big box office go hand in hand. This animated film seems like a more mature storyline than we are accustomed to.


Everybody loves Minions and it is a pretty safe bet that this will be a hit this summer.

Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation.

Love him or hate him, Tom Cruise knows how to entertain an audience. The trailer looks action packed, and like another winner for The Mission Impossible franchise.


These may not make the opening box office numbers of the Avengers, but hopefully these flicks find an audience.

Mad Max: Fury Road

The original cult classic gets a huge Hollywood production. Tom Hardy takes over the reins from Mel Gibson; in the movie that made Gibson a household name all over the world. It has been a long time since a Mad Max movie was on the big screen but the trailer looks amazing…am so looking forward to this.


Another movie that could make money just by interest alone. The trailer looks good, having a slight homage to the 82’ original and with a fresh feel all of it’s own.

Tomorrow Land

Brad Bird had a huge success with the last Mission Impossible movie and looks like he was given a lot of creative freedom on this project. If you like adventure movies, like the Goonies, then this film just might be for you.


The trailer has not impressed me, but you can never count Marvel out. Their last gamble was Guardians of the Galaxy and look how that turned out.

3.On the Fence

I want to see these movies, but something in my head says…wait for the movie channel.


I have to admit I really liked TED. But did it really need a sequel?

Fantastic Four

I did not like any of the previous outings of the FF , and the new one does not do anything for me . I certainly hope that I am wrong on this one, but so far I am not at all excited to see this movie.


Loved the T.V. show, but I am not sure I want to spend my hard earned money on this one.

Terminator; Genisys

I was really looking forward to this movie, until I saw the last trailer. Ruining what could have been an incredible OMG moment…I hate spoilers!!!!

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