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Marvel has teamed up with Netflix for a 13 episode first season run of Daredevil, the man with no fear. After watching three episodes last night…I am hooked. This series will make you forget the disastrous movie with Ben Batfleck … get it, he is playing Batman now. Ehm, ok moving along.

Matt Murdock went blind in a freak chemical accident when he was nine. After the accident, his other senses were enhanced and now, Matt is using his powers by becoming the defender of Hell’s Kitchen in NYC .

Daredevil is a dark, gritty and violent show and all the characters are so engaging. You just can’t stop watching, especially former True Blood’s Deborah Ann Wall as Karen Page and Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk (aka The Kingpin).

If you like Gotham; (Sorry Marvel, I know, another Batman reference), then Daredevil will be up you’re alley.

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