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New 52 : LOBO-Bounty Hunter turned Super Model?

DC Comics enormous campaign to reinvent itself with its new series called “The New 52” have decided to re-imagine Lobo for a new generation of comic readers.

Lobo was an intergalactic motorcycle riding bounty hunter of the DC universe. Lobo has incredible strength and has regenerative powers, combined that with a sarcastic and vulgar attitude, he is in essence an over the top version of Wolverine.

Lobo has become a fan favourite since his debut in The Omega Men comic series in the 80’s. Even Marvel’s Stan Lee cites Lobo as his favourite DC character.

With “The New 52”, Gone is the “hulking” bad-ass foul mouthed anti-hero that we all love, Lobo has been replaced by a lean mean super model fighting machine.

After reading the first issue it seems DC has decided to go down the all too familiar road of anti-hero who is haunted by his past (the new Lobo goes as far as removing portions of his brain stem to prevent Rem state).

I for one hate when comic companies change a character. I do not mind if they tweak the custom or the origin, but when the character we all love does a leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Changing the entire look of the character will not save the comic or character from lousy story telling. Perhaps DC should focus more of their energy on content then the look of the character.


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