My Top Twitch Gaming Channels: PhoxyLoxy

Channel Name: PhoxyLoxy

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I will be quite honest, I do not remember how I stumbled onto this channel. However, no matter now I reached it ,I am happy that I did. 


Bio and Background


This is from Phoxy's About section on Twitch:


Entrepreneur, Technologist, Software Engineer, Technician Likened to Dr Who in skills & attitude. F1, Poker, Basketball, Golf, Motor racing fan, & player. English! I'm not a streamer who games. I am a gamer who streams. I'm just me I guess! :0) 


He streams pretty much most days of the weeks with the exception of Sunday. 


PhoxyLoxy streams a variety of different games. He has streamed Fallout 4, Skyrim, and Arma 3 amongst others. 


Sample PhoxyLoxy Stream


Why do I like the channel?



The number one thing that I love about this channel is that Phoxy is a great streamer. I like his commentary when he is playing his games. His banter is entertaining. 


I also like that he plays games that I would not normally play. For example, he has streamed Elder Scrolls Online and Ryse: Son of Rome. These are ok games but I do not think that I would play them. It is fun to see Phoxy play those and experience the games with him. 


The chat is also really respectful and I know that I have said this about other channels as well. However, it cannot be understated, how much I appreciate that. I have been on chats where there are so many trolls. I believe that I have also met another great streamer in Weaselbeast while chatting on one of Phoxy's streams. I will do another review about him another time. 


Also, what I like about Phoxy is that you can chat about anything, as long as you are respectful. He is a very knowledgeable guy and know much more than just games. 


I will admit that his viewers have dipped in the last little while and I am not sure why. He is a good streamer and he does not talk just to talk. I would invite everyone to give him a shot. 


I like to follow streamers and see their journey into how they stream and Phoxy is one that I have kept following as he is always entertaining. 


What do you think? If you like his channel please follow him and support him by subbing. 










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