My Record Collection; Bryan Adams- Reckless (1984)

November 6, 2018



Bryan Adams – lead vocals, guitars, piano, harmonica, hand claps, foot stomping

Keith Scott – lead guitars, backing vocals

Jim Vallance – percussion

Dave Taylor – bass guitar

Pat Steward – drums, backing vocals

Tommy Mandel – keyboards

Jody Perpick – backing vocals, background sounds

Mickey Curry – drums

Tina Turner – lead vocals on "It's Only Love"

Steve Smith – drums on "Heaven"


Track listing


1.    "One Night Love Affair"    4:32
2.    "She's Only Happy When She's Dancin'"    3:14
3.    "Run to You"    3:54
4.    "Heaven"    4:03
5.    "Somebody"    4:44
6.    "Summer of '69"    3:35
7.    "Kids Wanna Rock"    2:36
8.    "It's Only Love" (w/ Tina Turner)    3:15
9.    "Long Gone"    3:57
10.    "Ain't Gonna Cry"


I've been listening to music for as long as I can remember. The radio was always on at home. I was fotunate to be alive when radio played numerous different genres of music.


For the most part I akways been drawn to melodic or pop/rock music.


Recently I decided to go through my music collection and got to revisit some of my earliest purchases. 

Those were the days when you listened to both sides of the record , CD or cassette.Maybe I was young or naive but a lot of those records played out like a greatest hits record.


So here we are in no particular order some of my earliest purchases.


Bryan Adams- Reckless


Reckless was released on November 5, 1984 with Adams and Bob Clearmountain producing.  The album spawned six hit singles and become the first diamond certified album by a Canadian artist.

Reckless played out like a greatest hits record. By the second listen most of the songs were ingrained into your psyche.





Bryan Adams fourth studio record was a simply straight ahead pop/rock record with catchy choruses and infectious grooves. Considering the overabundance of the 80's , Reckless is refreshingly low key.



Like I said that Reckless played out like a greatest hits album. The album spawned an impressive six hit singles.


As much as I love those hit singles, Run to You has always been my favourite. For an otherwise mainstream pop song, Run to You has a tinge of darkness/yearning to it.




After all these years I still go back and listen to Reckless. Granted the albums  production sounds a little dated but the songs still reel you in. Recommended.











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