Under The Radar: DLR Band (1998)

June 19, 2018


David Lee Roth - Harmonica (track 2), Vocals, Cover Art Concept
John 5 - Guitar 
Terry Kilgore - Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer 
Mike Hartman - Guitar , Bass
B'urbon Bob - Bass 
Tom Lilly - Bass 
Ray Luzier - Drums


Track listing


1. Slam Dunk    02:37 2. Blacklight    03:41
3. Counter-Blast    03:14 4. Lose the Dress (Keep the Shoes)    03:13
5. Little Texas    03:20 6. King of the Hill    03:52
7. Going Places    05:19 8. Wa Wa Zat!!    02:54
9. Relentless    03:30 10. Indeedido    03:11
11. Right Tool for the Job    03:24 12. Tight    04:08
13. Weekend with the Babysitter    03:26 14. Black Sand    05:20




Former and now current vocalist of Van Halen, David Lee Roth, reunited with his old Van Halen bandmates to work on a pair of songs for the Best Of – Volume 1 project. The three other members of the group decided to create a bogus reunion on the infamous appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 5 in order to promote the project. While this short-lived reunion left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, Roth found renewed interest in creating music.


In 10 days, David Lee Roth recorded and mixed the fifth full-length studio album entitled DLR Band . The record was released on June 9, 1998.  The DLR Band consisted of Dave himself on vocals, John 5 (Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie), Terry Kilgore on guitar, and Ray Luzier( Korn) on drums.


Although the record was met with favorable reviews upon release, the album failed to make a significant mark commercially, due to the sporadic touring in support of the record. As well as the little promotion and limited distribution from Roth’s own Wawazat!! record label.





In my opinion, the DLR Band record was a return to for Roth with him delivering his most straightforward rock 'n' roll effort since 1991’s, A Little Ain’t Enough. This is a very lean, mean, sleazy,  bluesy- rock record that Roth should have made right after his debut solo record Eat 'Em and Smile.  This was record made for the fans, plain and simple.


Highlights on the record include: hard rockers Slam Dunk! & King of The Hill: the bluesy/country-rocker Little Texas and the sleazy rocker, Weekend With The Babysitter.


The only set back with this set, is Roth’s voice.  Back in Van Halen, Michael Anthony’s backing vocals could hide some of Roth’s limitations but here Roth’s vocals occasionally fall a little flat.


Other than the minor set back of Roth’s vocals, DLR Band is a solid album that showcases what a lot of rock bands lacked … attitude and showmanship; what Diamond Dave has in spades!


So, if your looking to find a down and dirty rock record like Van Halen I & II then look no further than David Lee Roth’s DLR Band record.



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