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Weekend Box Office Earnings for March 27 to March 29, 2020

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

As you are very aware, COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, has affected everyone and everything in our society. Society as we know it has shutdown including movie theatres and movie productions. For that reason, this segment, Weekend Box Office Earnings, will only resume once our society goes back to normal which no one really knows when at this point. Until then, we at Aroundtable will continue to provide you with some form of entertainment with new blog posts and daily social media posts. However first and for most, stay safe and follow what your health officials are asking us to do. It could literally be a question of life and death. Be safe everyone .

In times like these, where we are pretty much confined to our homes, the best way to keep your spirits up is laughter. At least when you laugh, you might forget for a few moments all the issues we are having. I know this is not a movie, but I found a compilation of Mr. Beans clips on youtube. Here you have it below. Enjoy, laugh and be safe !!!!!!

Statistics taken from Box Office Mojo

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