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Underrated AOR Albums: Lou Gramm, Ready Or Not (1987)

Updated: May 3, 2021

During the 80s it wasn't uncommon for lead singers to pursue solo careers. Phil Collins (Genesis), Peter Gabriel (Genesis), Steve Perry (Journey), and David Gilmore, Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) all had successful careers outside of their respective groups.

However, in that flurry of frontmen who left their respective bands, there was one lead singer who never seemed to get the recognition he deserves - Foreigner’s Lou Gramm.

Lou Gramm’s solo record stemmed from the ever-growing friction with his long-time Foreigner collaborator Mick Jones over the direction of the band’s music. Gramm wanted to stick with the more rock-oriented approach while Jones wanted to do more softer type of material.

The album was a tour de force showcasing what Gramm could bring to the table as a singer and songwriter. Songs like the hard-rocking title track, the melodic; Heartache,the mid-tempo; Until I make You Mine, the heartfelt ballad ;If I Don’t Have You, and the hit single; Midnight Blue were not only as strong as anything that Foreigner released, they were some of the finest AOR songs to ever be recorded.

To this day Ready Or Not remains a "go-to" record for me, and it truly deserves a lot more appreciation.

So, if you like well-produced AOR rock then look no further than Lou Gramm’s debut solo album Ready Or Not.

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