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Underrated AOR Albums- Joe Lynn Turner, Rescue You (1985)

Here we are with the third entry in our Underrated AOR albums of all time.

Even though Joe Lynn Turner (JLT) possesses one of the best voices in pop/rock ,and has fronted some of the biggest bands in the world (Rainbow,Deep Purple), he has never been truly recognized as one of the best voices in the AOR format.

With songs co-written by Al Greenwood (ex-Foreigner), and famed Queen producer Roy Thomas Baker sitting behind boards, Rescue You should have solidified his place as one the best singers in the genre.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and while JLT has a solid fan base, he has never reached the heights that he deserves as a solo artist.

Yes, the album maybe a little too keyboard-heavy, but the melodies are strong and JLT’s voice is undeniable.

So if enjoyed albums like Journey’s Raised On Radio or Steve Perry’s Street Talk, then you should definitely give Rescue You by Joe Lynn Turner a listen.

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