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"Transhuman Generation" by CueStack - Track of the Week

We came across this group this week. I never had heard of them, but this songs really rocks. The video also has great visuals. I could not find a bio for them, but found their bio on their website "The Austrian electronic/metal/pop art-project CueStack was formed in 2017 by the lighting & video designer Martin Kames and Viennese virtuoso guitar player Bernth Brodträger. The music is a mix between electronic elements and electric guitar, a fusion of heavy metal, electronic music and pop/hip hop.

The essential trademark of CueStack is a very mechanical and industrial appearance which is featured in the stage-design of their five debut videoclips and also in a variety of graphic artworks. An extensive professional lighting and special-fx rig is a key component of their go-big-or-go-home attitude. While Martin Kames is in charge of the setdesign, synths and vocals Bernth is focussing on the artworks, guitars and vocals."

In the end they sound awesome. Check out their video !!!!

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