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Thin Lizzy ‎– Essential (2020)

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Spectrum records has just released a compilation box set called The Essential Thin Lizzy. With 51 tracks spread over 3 CDs, this set really tries to live up to its name. The box set not only contains the bands best known tracks (Jailbreak, The Boys Are Back In Town, Whiskey In The Jar), it also includes some of Lizzy’s lesser known songs or deep cuts (Randolph’s Tango, Dear Heart, Trouble boys), offering fans an impressive overview rather than your paint by numbers, “Greatest Hits” compilation.

At $12.99 ,this is a bare bones collection with triple fold cardboard slip case with no liner notes, booklet, or band history. But it is all about the music, so the packaging or lack of is a minor detail.

Even without any indication of remastering the sound quality of this set is quite good.

As with any compilation there are bound to be omissions that will bother some long-time fans or collectors. The Essential Thin Lizzy set is no exception, and the omission of Thunder and Lightning, Bad Habits, That Woman's Gonna Break Your Heart, and Hey you is simply criminal.

Besides the minor quibbles of the packaging and track omissions, this is still an impressive set that offers one the best career overviews of this iconic band.

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