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Paul McCartney: McCartney III (2020)

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

As the title suggests, McCartney III is a sequel to 1970's McCartney and 1980’s McCartney II. Like those albums, McCartney III continues the tradition of being a homemade solo album. Macca wrote, recorded, and produced the album himself during the COVID-19 lockdown or “rockdown” as he likes to call it.

Although McCartney III is a solid pop-rock album filled with love songs, acoustic, blues, and rock numbers that Macca has become synonymous for. The album has a playful, loose, laid back feel to it. That’s the real charm of this record. Its Macca not fussing about the responsibility of being the biggest rock star on the planet. He's just a guy kicking back in quarantine, writing a few songs for his own enjoyment.

As loose and jam-like as some of these tracks are meant out to be, Macca has not lost his pop sensibilities, many of the tracks stay with you long after the album ends.

In my opinion, McCartney III succeeds because it isn’t trying so hard to deliver easily digestible, radio-friendly hits, it's just Macca doing what he does best-making music.

Highlights on McCartney III include; the bluesy acoustic album opener; Long Tailed Winter Bird, the catchy; Find My Way, the blues-rocker; Lavatory Lil, the acoustic ;The Kiss Of Venus, the 8-minute album centerpiece; Deep Deep Feeling, and The Black Keys/Artic Monkeys-esque rocker; Slidin’.

Again, Macca continues to beat the odds and delivers another solid record in an already impressive discography. McCartney III is a definite ray of light, ending this dreadful year on a high note.

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