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Our All-Time Favourite Minigames Inside Video Games

Game developers have a long history of making their games more interesting by including minigames within the main gameplay. These minigames come in the form of puzzles, alternative modes, or even casino games like various online slots in Canada that you can play on the go. But let's not be fooled by their name. Minigames can be so much fun! On top of that, they can add a lot of value to the parent game, and keep the player coming back for more. Here are some of our favourite minigames we encountered through the years.

Gwent (Witcher 3)

Witcher 3 is a masterpiece of its own. So much so that even the minigames are more fun than some current AAA titles. Gwent is a great example of a perfectly executed minigame. It is a fun, addictive and nicely balanced card game. The game is even mentioned in the books, so it's not something developers thought of alone. The good news for all the fans is there is even a stand-alone version.

Poker (Red Dead Redemption)

Adding poker to Red Dead Redemption was something perfectly natural and expected. It fits the setting, and it fits in the historical sense. As the movie already taught us, poker was immensely popular in the Wild West. Some gamers never played poker in real life, but they played a lot of Texas Hold 'Em in RDR. You could even cheat, an option that was removed from the sequel.

Pocket Circuit (Yakuza O and Yakuza Kiwami)

The Yakuza series is known for its minigames. It's hard to choose our favourite because most of them are so damn brilliant, but the Pocket Circuit from Yakuza O and Yakuza Kiwami was probably the one that stuck the most. In this minigame, you race with toy cars. It's not as simple as it sounds. You have to build your own cars, buy parts at shops, and use tactics to outsmart your opponents.

Golf (Grand Theft Auto V)

GTA V has a number of fun minigames, where golf somewhat stands out. Despite the generally violent nature of the game, golf is exactly the opposite. Rockstar really nails down these types of details, so it's no wonder this minigame is better than some standalone golf games. From expensive entrance fees to beautiful course designs, this minigame perfectly fits the GTA V universe.

Orlog (Assassin's Creed Valhalla)

You won't find orlog anywhere else because it was made specifically for the Valhalla. Even though it's a bit complicated, it's not impossible to master. The goal is to end up with as many of the opponent's stones as possible. There was even a successful Kickstarter campaign that made it into an actual board game you can order today.

Five Finger Fillet (Red Dead Redemption 2)

Rockstar really knows their way around these minigames, don't they? On top of the poker and blackjack, why not enjoy a round of five finger fillet? We hope it's not something you enjoy in real life though, because losing a finger means you won't be able to game in the first place. Luckily, you can satisfy the need for playing dangerous games without hurting yourself in real life.

Crash Bandicoot (Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End)

It was a truly wholesome moment when we found out we can play Crash Bandicoot in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Naughty Dog gave a nod to themselves by incorporating one of the most iconic games in history into Uncharted 4, and frustratingly so, set Elena’s score to 3,500 points. Good luck beating that record. If you want to take a break from jumping over dangerous ruins, why not jump over some barrels? Just don't get irritated by the impossible high score.

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