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New Hand-held Champion: Nintendo Switch OLED

One of the biggest questions is will the OLED type of Nintendo come on the market as a replacement for one of the previous. Quoted: ''We plan to offer all three models and currently have no plans to discontinue any model. It's about providing choice for the consumer. Each of the three models has distinct features.''

OLED Technology

How is Nintendo Switch OLED different from the previous Nintendo Switch V2? The main difference between these two Nintendo's is the technology that is in them. OLED technology gives players a new, bigger, and brighter screen. OLED stands for organic light-emitting diodes. Owners of previous Nintendo versions who buy new ones too will see a noticeable difference between models. OLED technology uses pixels that provide light. With this ability, OLED creates the darkest tones and lightest tones. That improves overall contrast on the screen.

Web Browsing Ability

Provided details say nothing about the ability of the new Nintendo OLED to go on the Internet. The only news in that direction is the LAN port that will provide you with the ability to connect the docking station to the Internet so you can directly access online multiplayer. Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite have a secret web browser that gamers found. Officially available performances don't say anything about that possibility, but a hidden browser on Switch is an excellent addition for users. Finding this remote web browser on Switch will not break the warranty as it is a prebuilt device. We still don't know if the Nintendo Switch OLED will bring in an official. Still, we do know that its previous brother had enough horsepower to even some more demanding domains, like online casino Canada real money websites that have advanced graphics, which the guys confirmed over at this YouTube channel. With that said, the new model shouldn’t have any problems too.

Nintendo Switch OLED Features

Nintendo Switch OLED has the same NVIDIA custom Tegra processor with a resolution of up to 720 pixels while in handheld mode. When it's connected to the TV resolution is 1080 pixels. The screen in the new Nintendo Switch OLED is bigger than Nintendo Switch V2 by 0.8 inches. The difference is also in the screen technology. Old Nintendo has an LCD screen while the new one has, as the name says, OLED screen technology. New Nintendo Switch OLED is a little heavier than the old one. For 0.5 lbs, weighted with Joy-Cons and dock. Both Nintendo's have available 400+ games. On all versions, the Internet is required only for playing multiplayer versions of the game. But previous variants of Nintendo have hidden web browsers. Storage gets doubled on the new Nintendo. Internal storage is 64 GB now, and you can expand it with microSD cards. You can play your new Nintendo in all variants like previous ones: connected to a TV, tabletop, and handheld.

If you are already a Nintendo user, it is up to you to decide if the slightly bigger screen with new, improved technology. All Nintendo variants will stay on the market. A new addition to the Nintendo family is not here to replace one of the previous versions. The price of the new Nintendo is 50$ bigger than other versions. For some, that could be a crucial fact.

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