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My Favorite Record Producers: Robert Jens Rock (Bob Rock)

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Bob Rock became a foundational pillar of modern-day rock and metal production. He ushered in a new era of chart-topping albums that were renowned for both their sonic assault of drums / guitars and inescapable hooks.

Essential Listening

1. Metallica The Black Album (1991)- Bob Rock came in and streamlined the band’s sound. The album made Metallica one of the biggest bands on the planet. The Black Album has sold any excess of 16 million units and has remained on the album charts for 580 weeks.

2. The Cult- Sonic Temple (1989)- Bob Rock redefined the bands sound merging their love of psychedelia and 70’s hard rock and transforming them into an arena rock powerhouse.

3.Motley Crue-Dr. Feelgood' (1989)- The band's fifth studio slightly moved away from their party glam rock niche in favor of an accessible radio-ready production. Dr.Feelgood became the Crue’s biggest selling album selling over 6 million units.

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