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"Mickey" by Toni Basil (1982) - Vintage Track

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

"Mickey" is a 1981 song recorded by American singer and choreographer Toni Basil on her debut album Word of Mouth. Written by Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn as "Kitty", it was first recorded by UK music group Racey during 1979, appearing on their debut album Smash and Grab. Toni Basil changed the name from Kitty to Mickey to make the song about a man.

Toni Basil's version of the song was initially issued as a single in the UK in May 1981, but did not chart at that time. Reissued in January 1982, "Mickey" quickly became a substantial UK hit, reaching number 2. It was issued in Australia by April, where over the Northern summer (Southern winter) it rose to number 1. Finally issued in North America in August 1982, "Mickey" became a number 1 hit in the US and Canada in late 1982, a year and a half after its original release. Two different music videos for the song were recorded, one featuring Basil with a backing band, and another featuring costuming and choreography inspired by cheerleader dance routines. Shot in 1981, while Basil was 37 or 38 years of age, the cheerleader video is considered the very first choreographed dance video.

This has to be one of the 80s songs that aged quite well. It is very recognizable every time you hear it. "Mickey" is this week's Vintage track. Listen to the track below:

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