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Green Day, Father of All Motherfuckers (2020)

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Green Day are back with Father of All Motherfuckers, their first studio album in 4 years. The 10-track record was released on February 7, 2020 with Butch Walker, Chris Dugan and Green Day sitting behind the boards.

Since the bands 2004 era defining album American Idiot, Green Day have been struggling to find equilibrium between their punk roots and concept record ambitions .

With the exception of the bands 21st Century Breakdown ,everything Green Day has recorded since has been an attempt to reclaim some of their former irreverence, starting with their 2012 trilogy; UNO!, DOS!, and TRÉ! and continuing with 2016’s Revolution Radio.

This time out the Green Day have hit pay dirt with their latest record. The band have removed their creative constraints by shrugging off the shackles of importance placed on them by the American Idiot album. Farther of All is Green day’s most carefree and versatile release taking their biggest stylistic jump, mashing up glam rock, Motown and soul into the bands signature three-chord punk rock.

This new artistic freedom has really energized the band. That intensity leaps out from Farther of All, and the album crackles with an infectious energy.

Highlights include the in your face rocking title track, the Beatles-esque Stab You in the Heart, doo-wop Meet Me on The Roof, modern glam rocker; Oh Yeah, and ‘90s Weezer-y power-pop :I Was a Teenage Teenager.

I can see long term fans having a hard time with Fathers of all, claiming that Green Day have lost their punk rock roots. If you ask me, a band that can release a record that captures their signature sound while sounding so unexpectedly different, leaving us curious for what’s next is still punk enough for me.

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