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Foo Fighters, Medicine at Midnight (2021)

Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl – lead vocals, guitar, producer

Taylor Hawkins – drums, producer

Rami Jaffee – keyboards, piano, producer

Nate Mendel – bass guitar, producer

Chris Shiflett – guitar, producer

Pat Smear – guitar, producer

Medicine At Midnight Album Track list

1.Making A Fire

2.Shame Shame


4.Waiting On A War

5.Medicine At Midnight

6.No Son Of Mine

7.Holding Poison

8.Chasing Birds

9.Love Dies Young

The Foo Fighters (FF) are back with their tenth studio album Medicine At Midnight. The nine-track set was produced by the Foo Fighters and Greg Kurstin (Adele, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Beck).

Let’s be honest. The FF aren’t the most sonically or stylistically adventurous band on the planet. However the band have remained a top touring and recording act by their uncanny ability to tweak their brand of overdriven guitars, heavy drumming, and primordial screaming rock n’ roll just enough to make each album accessible to the ever-changing market place. In doing so the FF have released some of the most consistently entertaining albums over the last two decades. Making them one of the last (and most successful) torchbearers of rock and roll.

Dave and Co, continue this trend by infusing their latest offering with elements of pop, dance, funk and R&B.

While on paper the idea of the FF releasing a pop-orientated album does sound like a a risky move. The reality is that the band may just have released their most groove oriented and upbeat record of their career. From the cliché hand clapping to the “na-nas” Medicine At Midnight's feel-good vibes reel you in from the very first track.

Yes, Medicine At Midnight is a very pop-sounding record, and some long time fans may be a little put off by the more pop/dance tracks. In my opinion, the album still retains enough of the FF traditional sounds to keep most fans satisfied.

Highlights on the record include the melodic album opener; Making A Fire, the haunting 1st single Shame Shame, the acoustic rocker; Waiting On A War, the furious rocker; No Sone of Mine, the funky Cloudspotter and the ballad Chasing Birds.

The bottom line, this is simply a great album where the FF successfully merge new sounds into their tried, tested, and true formula. Medicine At Midnight sounds fresh enough to sound like a new album and on-brand enough to keep the fan base happy.

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