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Death to 2020 (2020) Review

Show Name: Death to 2020

Directed By: Al Campbell, Alice Mathias

Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Grant, Lisa Kudrow, Leslie Jones, Joe Keery, Kumail Nanjiani, Tracey Ullman, Cristin Milioti, Diane Morgan, and Samson Kayo

Release Dates: December 27th, 2020

Length: 70 minutes

Streaming Service: Netflix


My wife suggested that I watch this after she watched it one night while nursing our daughter. She really liked it and said she had a good laugh. So much so that she re-watched it with me.

I must admit I was weary about this as we have seen a lot of satire about how bad things were in 2020.

So I decided to give it a shot. Is it as funny as my wife advised? Let us see.


This is a mockumentary based on events of 2020 and asks experts (played by the actors above) about how they saw these events in their eyes.

The actors play different characters but with traits that the actor is known for. For example Samuel L. Jackson plays the character of Dash Bracket. He is a foul mouth opinionated individual that does not care what people think about what he says. Sound familiar?

The topics range from the protests to President Donald Trump and everything else in between.

Death to 2020 Trailer


This was a hilarious look at 2020. I did not think that I would have laughed as much. Everyone plays their role to perfection. The list of actors and characters are as follows (from Wikipedia):

  • Samuel L. Jackson as Dash Bracket, a reporter for the New Yorkerly News

  • Hugh Grant as Tennyson Foss, a historian

  • Lisa Kudrow as Jeanetta Grace Susan, a non-official conservative spokesperson

  • Leslie Jones as Dr. Maggie Gravel, a behavioral psychologist

  • Joe Keery as Duke Goolies, a gig economy millennial

  • Kumail Nanjiani as Bark Multiverse, CEO of Shreekr, a technology company

  • Tracey Ullman as Queen Elizabeth II

  • Cristin Milioti as Kathy Flowers, a self-described soccer mom, representing a stereotypical "Karen"

  • Diane Morgan as Gemma Nerrick, an average citizen

  • Samson Kayo as Pyrex Flask, a scientist

  • Laurence Fishburne as the narrator

  • Charlie Brooker as James, the director

That is one pretty impressive list right there. It is pretty difficult to list my favourites from the above. However, if I had to choose my top 3 would be Samuel L. Jackson, Lisa Kudrow and Hugh Grant. However, the others on the list are no slouches either.

I have to say Lisa Kudrow does not seem to age. She looks pretty much the same as when she was on Friends.

The thing is that everyone has heard the topics discussed here a million times. However, the way the characters explain their views is awesome. Here are just a few quotes.

“It showed the virus could also pass from humans to icons, which raised the possibility that it might one day infect God.”

“The race has narrowed to a face-off between Civil War hero Joe Biden and anarchist grandpa Bernie Sanders.”

“I f*cking hate the virus. But at least it doesn’t pretend it’s here to help. It doesn’t drive around the neighborhood with ‘Protect and Serve’ painted on its side before it kills you.”

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have a good laugh. I know that I did and I am sure that you will not regret it either.

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