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Cheap Trick: In Another World (2021)

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

In Another World is the twentieth studio album by Cheap Trick. Long-time producer time producer Julian Raymond is back behind the boards for the project.

While the album doesn’t reinvent the wheel, you can hear the band is having fun, delivering a solid collection of power pops songs that the band have become

synonymous for.

If this was indeed another world songs like The Summer Looks Good on You, Quit Waking Me Up,Light Up The Fire, So It Goes and the title track would be dominating FM radio.But alas, in this world, it's 2021 so new songs from Classic Rock groups are simply not embraced by radio. Which is a shame Cheap Trick still sounds as vibrant as ever.

While In Another World may not be a masterpiece it still is a very good record that deserves to be included in your Cheap Trick collection.

Highlights on the record include; the Beatle-esque; Quit Waking Me Up, So It Goes, the power-pop gem; The Summer Looks Good On You, the rocker Light Up The Fire , the ballade Another World , and the bluesy piece of resistance Final Days.

Bottom Line

On their latest release, Cheap Trick have released another well played, produced, and written album that captures their unique mash-up of British guitar pop and crunching power chords.

That after four decades and twenty albums into their career, that this band can still put out an album as solid as this is commendable. Again, the band certainly aren’t challenging themselves stylistically or creating anything truly innovating here-they basically sticking to what works for them -and they do an exceptional job in delivering precisely what the fans expect.

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