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Benny Hill: "Joggers" - Comedy Recess

Alfred Hawthorne "Benny" Hill (21 January 1924 – 20 April 1992) was an English comedian, actor, singer, songwriter and writer, best remembered for his television program The Benny Hill Show, an amalgam of slapstick, burlesque, and double entendre in a format that included live comedy and filmed segments, with Hill at the focus of almost every segment.

Hill was a prominent figure in British culture for nearly four decades. His show proved to be one of the great success stories of television comedy and was among the most-watched programs in the UK, with the audience peaking at more than 21 million in 1971. The Benny Hill Show was also exported to half the countries around the world. In 2006, Hill was voted by the British public number 17 in ITV‘s poll of TV's 50 Greatest Stars.

The clip above entitled "Joggers" is a good sample of the type of comedy The Benny Hill Show was all about. I know this brings me back to my childhood where it use to run in syndication here in Canada as part of the late night lineup. Love those chase scenes !!!!!

So this week's comedy recess is The Benny Hill Show. Enjoy !!!!!

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