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B-Movies of our Youth: Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero (1995)

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Movie Name: Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero

Director: Rick Jacobson

Producer: New Concorde

Actors: Don Wilson, Marcus Aurelius, Michael Blanks, Anthony Boyer and Cat Sassoon

Release Date: January 31st, 1995


Here I am again after a week of reviewing something else, I am back with the Bloodfist series. This time we are looking at the 5th sequel, Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero.

Once again, I could not find this movie anywhere to stream other than YouTube. I have said this before. It is weird, Prime Video have pretty much all the movies except 5 and 6. Not sure the reason it is that way.

Alright, let us dive right in with the trailer.

Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero Trailer


This time around Don "The Dragon" Wilson plays the character of Nick Corrigan. He is an Air Force courier that is tasked with delivering a message to a military base in the Midwest of the United States.

However, when he is delivering the message, he notices something is off. As you would expect his instincts are good as the base is overrun by terrorists. Their goal is to launch missiles over a few US states, unless to abide by their demands.

After fighting a few bad guys, they trap Corrigan inside the base, thinking that eventually they will manage to kill him. Unfortunately, they are unaware that Corrigan was a Sergeant in the Special Forces. Now, he is the only hope to save the day and make sure those missiles are not launched.


After watching this movie, the first thought that came into my head is that, this is a poor man's version of Under Siege with Steven Seagal. It is not exactly the same, but there are many similarities.

The first thing is that, the main hero in this movie, like Seagal, is underestimated. In Under Siege Seagal is a cook with a military background. Here, Don Wilson is an Air Force courier agent with a Special Forces background.

Also, the whole movie takes place on a military base instead of a ship. It is different but both are taking place in enclosed places.

As for the movie itself, the storyline is not original but I actually kind of enjoyed it. It is not good at all but there were a few parts where I was laughing as the acting was so bad. Some of the fight scenes are hilarious.

The enemy here is forgettable. No one really remembers who played the main villain or who the actual character was. It felt very generic. They basically just looked at previous movies in the same genre and copied that with no further thinking.

The writing here is not great. The lines are robotic and the actors look like cardboard cutouts. The one character that actually makes the movie bearable is Don Wilson. He was his usual self, but compared to the other actors and actresses here, he was an Oscar winner.

The set also looked very cheap. The hallways all look the same and for a military base, there is not a lot of room. I understand that they probably had budget and set constraints, but a little more budget would not have hurt.

The thing though is that this movie is so bad, it is good. At least for me, I enjoyed it. It was very paint by numbers action but there is just something about it that got me hooked. I would probably rank this one second or third as my favourite in the series.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts.

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