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Alice Cooper, Detroit Stories (2021)

Detroit Stories- Track list

1. Rock & Roll 2. Go Man Go

3. Our Love Will Change The World

4. Social Debris 5. $1000 High Heel Shoes

6. Hail Mary 7. Detroit City 2021

8. Drunk And In Love 9. Independence Dave

10. I Hate You 11.Wonderful World

12. Sister Anne 13. Don’t Give Up

14. Shut Up And Rock 15.East Side Story

Alice Cooper is back with his 21st full-length solo record Detroit Stories. The 15-track album was produced by Alice Cooper’s frequent collaborator Bob Ezrin.

With his latest release, Cooper has left the usual stories of the paranormal, scary monsters, serial killers aside. Detroit Story is a fun retro-rocking album that pays tribute to the 1970s Detroit rock scene, the place that inspired and shaped Cooper’s musical platform.

The majority of the album was knocked out in a mere four days and features an impressive list of Detroit rock alumni such as MC5's Wayne Kramer, Bob Seger's Motor City Horns and Grand Funk Railroad's Mark Farner.

I thought that Detroit Stories was easily one of the most fun listens from Alice Cooper in a very long time. Like I said, the record was made very quickly and has a laid-back, laissez-faire, good time -fun vibe to it. Things that you don’t usually associate with an Alice Cooper record.

I really enjoyed that Cooper slightly put his “Shock-rock” persona/formula on the back burner in order to flush out and fully display all the influences that made him who he is today. Making Detroit Stories an entertaining listen through its exciting and varied set of punk, rock, soul,-blues, and R&B tracks.

Highlights on the record include; the rockers; Social Debris, I Hate You, Go Man Go, the Beatle-esque; Our Love Will Change The World, the bluesy/R&B influenced; $1000 High Heels.

The Bottom Line

The charm of this record is that Cooper and Ezrin aren’t fretting about creating the next Welcome to My Nightmare, or the next big hit single, or even sounding relevant. With Detroit Stories, these two long-time collaborators have created a fun, well-crafted set of tracks that play out like a love letter to rock n’ roll’s spiritual home.

Highly recommended.

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