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Green Day: Revolution Radio - Viva la Revolución

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Regardless of their multiplatinum albums, I remember initially writing Green Day off. Basically thinking they were nothing more than an energetic, three chord playing, punk revivalists that would disappear in a few years. I sure am glad they proved me wrong. Heck, they proved everyone wrong. Channeling their inner Kinks/The Who, the band released not one, but two rock opera/concept albums, American Idiot & 21st Century Breakdown; giving the band not only a whole new fan base but critical respect.

Most recently my daughter pointed out that we didn’t have the new Green Day CD in our collection and that she would like to pick it up (yes, we still purchase music in record stores). So here I am, 20 years later, listening to the band’s 12th album with my daughter. What an amazing experience. That being said, with Revolution Radio, the band has chosen to scale back on any overarching theme or concept, and simply recorded 12 tunes. To my surprise, Revolution Radio finds a perfect balance between the snotty punk revivalist sound from their earlier albums and that of their newly developed flair of the dramatic /classic rock influences of the band's later day releases.

Revolution Radio is an energetic sounding, power pop album that is sure to please both old and new fans of the band. Highlights include The Who influenced opening track Somewhere Now, the anti-mass shooting song Bang Bang and the sing along, Youngblood. With this album, Green Day is basically back being …Green Day.

I'm not sure what Revolution Green Day is trying to start , but if it gets my daughter and I to enjoy music together, then I choose to rebel with Green Day’s Revolution Radio.Viva la revolución

You can purchase Revolution Radio from Green Day right here at the Aroundtable store

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