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"Treat Your Mother Right" by Mr. T (1984) - Vintage Track

Be Somebody... or Be Somebody's Fool! is a 1984 motivational video hosted by Mr. T and distributed by MCA Home Video. The production depicts strongly on new wave and R&B culture of the mid-1980s to appeal to children to respect adults, avoid peer pressure, and build self-confidence. It features a showcase of emerging talent, including Ice-T, Martika, Stacy Ferguson, Janice Kawaye, Tammy Townsend, Bumper Robinson, Shanice, and New Edition. The video has led to a proliferation of video clips that are posted on the Internet.

For those of you who do not know Mr. T, he is an American actor, bodyguard, television personality, and retired professional wrestler, known for his roles as B. A. Baracus in the 1980s television series The A-Team and as boxer Clubber Lang in the 1982 film Rocky III. Mr. T is known for his distinctive hairstyle inspired by Mandinka warriors in West Africa, his gold jewelry, and his tough-guy image. In 2006, he starred in I Pity the Fool, a reality show shown on TV Land. The title of the show comes from the famous catchphrase used by his character,

"Treat Your Mother Right" is a track found on the Be Somebody ...or be Somebody's Fool motivational video. Yes it is from the 80s, and the quality is quite poor. We just felt that you do not get any more cheesy than this. The message still holds today. It is also a reminder that this type of video flooded the airwaves in the 80s. This is our Vintage Track of the Week. Listen below .... if you do not like it, well you will at least get a good laugh. Let us know what you think !!!!!

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