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Aroundtable's Favourite Albums of 2019

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Welcome to the Aroundtable's top picks for our favourite albums of 2019.

Black Star Riders: Another State Of Grace

The Black Stars continued their winning streak with their fourth studio album.

Another State Of Grace is well produced record, with great riffs, strong melodies and huge choruses.

Hands down one of the best rock albums of 2019.

The Who: Who

The Who came roaring back with their first album of new material in thirteen years.

The band managed to create a set of songs that sounded fresh ,new , exciting and classic all at the same time.


Bruce Springsteen's latest release was heavily influenced by 1970’s California pop music.

As much as Western Stars seems like a departure, the lush, orchestration really adds a cinematic element to Springsteen's character driven songs, delivering a set of songs that the music is as rich and dramatic and engaging as the characters that he has created for the record.

Prince – Prince: Originals

Originals is a posthumous album by Prince, The album is made of 15 tracks that Prince wrote and gave to other artists.

As enjoyable as it is to hear Prince play these songs, the real treasure is hearing how relaxed and playful he is playing them.

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