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Prince-The Essential Recordings, Part 4

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

In anticipation of the remaster/reissue of Prince’s breakthrough record 1999, the Aroundtable has put a list of some of the purple maestros’ essential recordings.

1999 (1982)

It was a very bold move for an artist who wasn’t a multi platinum artist to convince the record company to release a double album.Thankfully the move worked, 1999 became Prince’s breakthrough into the mainstream, selling 4 million units and becoming the fifth biggest selling album of 1982.

Purple Rain (1984)

Princes' most commercially successful record of his career. From the sermon intro to the jaw dropping guitar solo of Let’s Go Crazy, the sexually charged fist single When Doves Cry ,to the epic ballade title track, the album had it all.

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