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Prince-The Essential Recordings, Part 3

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

In anticipation of the remaster/reissue of Prince’s breakthrough record 1999, the Aroundtable has put a list of some of the purple maestros' essential recordings.

Around the World in a Day (1985)

Prince goes psychedelic with his follow up to the mega successful Purple rain.

It may have been seen as a disappointment upon its release it deserves a dusting off. Around The World In A Day is very interesting/entertaining listen with Prince channeling his version of Sgt. Pepper/ Magical Mystery Tour.

Sign 'O' the Times (1987)

As the title suggests, Sign o’ the Times is deeply rooted in a cultural and social moment, and the lyrics on the album veer into apocalyptic territory, contemplating the ongoing threat of AIDS, nuclear war, poverty, and the drug epidemic in a country that seemed to be living under an ominous cloud. But for the album's dark undertones, Princes balances the record with levity — the irresistible Housequake, Starfish and Coffee,reminded listeners that even the most oppressive times should be confronted with dancing and laughter.

Sign 'O' the Times is Princes’ masterpiece. The album shows an artist at his creative peak who is given enough space to carry out his artistic vision. This is the one album that all music lovers should have in their collection.

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