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Prince-The Essential Recordings, Part 1

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

In anticipation of the remaster/reissue of Prince’s breakthrough record 1999, the Aroundtable has put a list of some of the purple maestro'S essential recordings.

Art Official Age 2014

After a 15-year feud, Prince returns to Warner Bros. and delivers a 13-track album wove around a story in which Prince has awoken from a state of suspended animation 45 years in the future.

Don’t let story line deter you from giving this album a spin. Art official Age is another fine example of the purple maestro’s ability to bend whatever musical style he chooses to his own ends, making the album sound classic and contemporary, all at the same time.


3121 was the follow up to 2004 comeback album Musicology. Like its predecessor, 3121 is another tight and concise offering no segues or interludes just 12 songs that showcase a confident artist who is firmly back in the game

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