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Paul McCartney- The Best Post Beatles Work, Part 3

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

The Aroundtable is proud to present the third part in our selection of Paul McCartney’s best post-Beatles work.

Flaming Pie 1997

It seemed that working on The Beatles Anthology project triggered a spark, McCartney s, Flaming Pie is one of his most consistent and entertaining listens.

The 14-track record with its rockers, ballades and acoustic /folk numbers played out like reaffirmation of McCartney’s musical legacy, ushering a new era that showcased a more focused strength and consistency in his music.

Flowers in the Dirt (1989)

After a few missteps during the early 80's, McCartney decided that he needed an edgy collaborator in the vein of John Lennon on his next project.

McCartney found that person in Elvia Costello, who not only got his creative juices flowing, it got him back on the charts.

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