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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Although Chris Isaak has had an enduring music career lasting over three decades, he will be best known for his 1989 smash hit single Wicked Game. With his silky, smooth vocal delivery, a knack for creating great melodies, along with his song writing sounds influenced by legends like Roy Orbison and Ricky Nelson, Chris Isaak definitely deserves get more recognition of, rather than just a passing reference in a Top Ten list.

If there is one album that manages to capture all of Isaak’s’ talents, its his 1995 record, Forever Blue. Forever Blue was Chris Isaak’s’ fifth studio album. It was made up of thirteen tracks and was produced by Erik Jacobsen.

Isaak’s fifth studio album is his most cohesive record as to which all the songs tend to tie into the previous one, dealing with the struggle of lost love. All the songs are well written and played, and to top it off Isaak’s exquisite use of that Roy Orbison-like cry in his voice that legitimately emotes his feeling of anger, depression and yearning. Go back and listen to Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing, Graduation Day & There She Goes to hear Isaak’s mastery of atmosphere and tone.

Erik Jacobsen impeccable production style manages to make the listener feel as if they are sitting along with Isaak on this 40-minute therapy session dealing with the end of a relationship.

Without a doubt Forever Blue is one of the most underrated albums of the 90’s and definitely deserves a dusting off and re-examination. Isaak expertly demonstrates on Forever Blue that there are no time limits or out-dating romantic torture or pain in losing that special one. Highly recommended.

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