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Rappin' Rodney - Rodney Dangerfield - Vintage Track

Aroundtable is proud to introduce a new segment called Vintage Track. In this segment, we will highlight some of the vintage video from the past in music and comedy. This our first vintage track .....

Rappin' Rodney is a comedy album by American comedian Rodney Dangerfield issued by RCA Records in 1983. The title track is a rap-influenced novelty song co-written by J.B. Moore and Robert Ford Jr.; the same songwriters who worked with Kurtis Blow on "The Breaks". Dennis Blair co-wrote the song. The accompanying music video, which includes cameos from Pat Benatar and Don Novello (as Father Guido Sarducci), was played heavily on MTV at the time of release.

The rest of the album consists of live stand-up comedy under the titles "Rodney Rappin'" and "Rodney Continues Rappin'", recorded live at Catch a Rising Star, in New York City.

The album peaked at number 83 on Billboard's Hot 100 Billboard 200 chart and earned Dangerfield a nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Recording.

We found two videos worth sharing. The first one is the original video. The quality is not the best, but you definitely get the idea.

The second video is of much better quality of Rodney Dangerfield performing of the song on his 1983 TV Special, “I Can’t Take It No More”. He’s joined by Andy Kaufman, Robert Urich and a stage full of backup singers and dancers. Both are great vintage footage worth a look. Enjoy !!!!

Let us know what you think !!!!

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