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Justice League: Zack Snyder Cut

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

There has been a lot of talk of the Synder's cut of The Justice League feature film.

To be honest, I am slightly curious to see it but there is a part of me that believes I would be ultimately disappointed.

Just look at Synder's Batman V Superman. Although there were some flashes of brillance, it is honestly an over bloated mess of a film. Most DC and movie fans were heartbroken on Synder's direction of the film. Also Synder's Man of Steel film left Superman fans divided.

So why does everyone want to see this cut of the film? DC is finally recovering from Synders flawed take on these heroes.

Although Synder keeps saying he is a " comic" fan , he certainly dropped the ball in delivering feature films worthy of these iconic characters. I believe he missed the mark on giving a true representation of these characters.

So to hear that Synder's version of the Justice League was going to be an epic trilogy of Supes and gang battling Darkside, sure sounds good on paper, but I just doubt Synder could pull off a satisfying trilogy. Synder is great with acton sequences and F/X , but we need a director who could bring these iconic characters to life.I simply believe he was the wrong choice to spear head DC's cinematic universe.

I am certain that Synder cut will see the the light of day, but it will ultimately be a disappointment.

For one thing, we will never see the trilogy come to fruition, so why bother giving a taste of what will never be.

I hope DC gets their act together and give the fans The JL movie they deserve.

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