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Motherless Brooklyn (2019) Trailer

Motherless Brooklyn is an upcoming crime drama film written, produced and directed by Edward Norton based on the 1999 novel of the same name by Jonathan Lethem. Norton will also star in the film, along with Bruce Willis, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Bobby Cannavale, Cherry Jones, Michael Kenneth Williams, Leslie Mann, Ethan Suplee, Dallas Roberts, Josh Pais, Robert Ray Wisdom, Fisher Stevens, with Alec Baldwin and Willem Dafoe.

The movie is about a private investigator with Tourette syndrome , who works to solve the mystery of his mentor's murder in 1950s New York.

Norton had been developing the film since the early 2000s, though he was uncertain as to whether he would direct. In February 2014, the project was set, with Norton directing.

Production commenced in February 2018 in New York City, with Norton, Willem Dafoe, Bruce Willis, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Alec Baldwin, among others, set to star. Bobby Cannavale and Dallas Roberts joined the cast a few weeks later. On March 22, a fire broke out in the cellar of the building where production was taking place, beneath the film's set. The resulting blaze killed FDNY Firefighter (posthumously promoted to Lieutenant) Michael R. Davidson of Engine 69. Production was temporarily suspended the next day, and was resumed a week later. Additional filming took place in December 2018 in Troy, New York.

Looks like this will be a hit. Check out the trailer below.

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