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The Rambo Movies Ranked- Part 1

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Sylvester Stallone not only solidified his movie career with the Rambo films, it made Sly an action icon. Now he is set to bring the franchise to a close with Rambo V: Last Blood this year, but before he puts away his knife and machine gun for good , the Aroundtable ranks the action franchise from best to worst. We invite you to share your rankings with us.

1. First Blood (1982)

The first film is arguably the best in the series. There isn't as much over the top action ( no pun intended) like it's predecessors.

In the first movie, we meet John J. Rambo, a tattered drifter traveling to see his old Special Forces pal, who turns out to have died from Agent Orange exposure.

Things go wrong when Sheriff William Teasel ( Brian Dennehy) tries to guide Rambo out of the town of Hope Washington. Rambo will have none of that and wanders back into town; leading to an arrest and hazing by the sheriff's deputies, which triggers Rambo’s PTSD. The situation spirals out of control and leads to an all out war with Rambo using all his military training to kill Teasel's deputies. It's up to Rambo's former CO, Trautman (Richard Crenna) to talk him down .

Besides the great action sequences, the emotional ending with Rambo breaking down over the last trauma, really pushed this movie to be more than your paint by numbers action film.

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