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Prince – Prince: Originals (2019)

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Originals is a posthumous album by Prince,.The album is made of 15 tracks that Prince wrote and gave to other artists.Yes, it is a bit weird to get another album from an artist that is no longer with us but Originals is still an entertaining listen.

Kudos to the Prince estate and Warner Bros for not simply releasing a cash grab album and instead giving Prince fans something exciting to listen to.

As popular as songs like "Manic Monday", "The Glamorous Life", and "Nothing Compares 2 U" were for the artists who were recorded them, they are just as well-known for being written by Prince. With that in mind, the question often arises: what would these songs have sounded like by the original artist? Originals sheds light on the question and for the most part, the songs are pretty much the same as the hit singles they became.

I would like to point out that many other reviews say that the songs are simply demos, although they do not sound like multi million dollar recordings, they still sound great.

I enjoyed Originals for two reasons. First off, it was refreshing to hear Prince play these tracks in a relaxed and non chalant manner. Almost like being able to see his playful mood while recording these songs.

Second, as great as it is to hear the origins of these hits, it's some of the lesser known tracks that put a grin on your face. For instance, funky dance track Holly Rock (recorded for Sheila E.), the slow burner Baby You're a Trip and the ballade Love...Thy Will Be Done , could have easily been hits for Prince and fit cohesively in his 80- 90's releases.

Originals is simply another great release and I highly recommend it to any and all Prince fans.

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