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"Rave" by Steve Aoki, Showtek and MAKJ, ft Kris Kiss - Track of the Week

I came across this song last week, and anyone who likes this type of music will know this is definitely a hit. I never really heard of these people until I started to look them up for this post. EDM summarized it the best:

"Music is often said to be a universal language that brings everyone together, and the newest release from Ultra Records, “Rave,” perfectly demonstrates that idea. Produced by Steve Aoki, Dutch duo Showtek (real name Sjoerd and Wouter Janssen), and American DJ/Producer MAKJ (real name Mackenzie Johnson), it also features the vocals of London-based singer/songwriter Kris Kiss. "Rave" is the next go-to summer heater.

It comes as no surprise, given their impressive background of performing on some of the worlds largest festival stages, that these producers were able to create an uproarious crowd pleaser. "Rave" instills an undeniable main stage feeling with a moving beat and a crazy, amped-up pre-drop vocal. "

I predict it will be the dance anthem of summer 2019, check it out:

Let us know what you think....we want to hear from you !!!!!

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